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Learning the Chinese language – advice and recommendations

How to start learning Chinese? Now more and more people are coming to a decision to start learning Chinese. Everyone has his own way to this decision, but having accepted it, one asks where to start learning Chinese. Anyone will suggest the best Chinese language school in angmokio. But this not the only solution, in this article we tried to collect basic advice and recommendations for beginning Sinologists.

The main thing is perseverance and patience, as in many other endeavors. No matter how trite, but it’s true. Probably, for Chinese this is the fact, as for any other language. To say that the language is difficult is not to say anything. But, as the Chinese people’s wisdom says – who wants, he will achieve. Therefore, from the outset, tune in to maximum investment and dedication.

To begin with, one must understand what the Chinese language is. In fact, this concept is collective. In different parts of China, there are dialects of the Chinese language, so different from each other phonetically that if carriers of different dialects try to talk to each other using each of their dialects; they simply will not understand each other. But if they take a piece of paper and write their words on it, mutual understanding will be achieved. Chinese hieroglyphic writing is common to all dialects, and therefore they cannot be singled out in separate languages, although the degree of their phonetic difference for such a selection is greater than enough.

In order to have a universal means of communication within the whole country, on the basis of the most common dialects, the official Chinese language of Putonghua was developed. This is the Chinese language that we, foreigners, usually teach. You, of course, can study purposefully one of the many Chinese dialects, but this should be due to some specific goals, for example, scientific ones. You will spend the amount of effort comparable or incomparable with studying Putonghua, and you will only be understood in that part of China, where this dialect occurs. And Putonghua is a universal version of the Chinese language spoken (at least should be spoken of) anywhere in China.

Sound system of the Chinese language

The study begins with the concept of the sound system. The sound composition of the Chinese language is radically different from the sound compositions of our language family (Russian, English, German, Spanish, etc.). Here is how we – the smallest sound unit is a sound, a letter corresponds to it on the letter, syllables are formed from the sounds, and from them – words.

In the Chinese language, however, there is no concept of the letter, the minimal sound unit is a syllable that consists of several distinct sounds. On the letter, the syllable corresponds to a hieroglyph. The number of syllables in Chinese is limited, in Mandarin it is 414. Each syllable has a Latin spelling, which is called pinyin.

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  • Draft
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Put Your Foot Forward With Entering The Writing Contest

Free Writing Contests offers you a convenient location to get updates about the upcoming writing contests so that it is easier to participate in contests. Free Writing Contests online is your source for finding a list of the best writing contests. You will find contests that are available all over the world. When you have writing talents and enter the contests you can not only develop your writing skills but also, with time, get more attention from the audience through the writing contests. There are a large number of writing contests that are held by various organizations so that it is a great opportunity for you to easily showcase your talents.

Of course, the free writing contests are the most convenient – since they are free – and the easiest option to enjoy the benefits of contests.  Access the Free Writing Contests online website that brings you the largest collection of the best writing contests around the world.  We list all contests by deadline to make it easier for a writer to gain the required information on each contest. Writing contests lists only contests that are available for all skill levels.

We carefully review each and every writing contest.  We know that for the busy writer that it is helpful to have one place to visit to find the latest contests.  You don’t want to enter a contest with the leap of faith! Rather, it is much more convenient to participate in the contests that have been screened to ensure that they are from the most reputable companies. When you are participating in the contests, there are many number of things to concentrate on. You don’t want to spend all your time researching the contest itself.   Writing Contests are hosted mainly with the goal of helping and encouraging the best in the participants which is why we highlight the important details of the contest in our listing. We give a summary of the rules, the contest deadline, and the contest topic.

As an author, it is necessary to carefully read the contest rules.  Incorporate that topic in your writing. It is helpful for the judge  to get the complete idea of what the topic is in the first few paragraphs of the story.  Get the best updated online writing contests with the unique way of participating and prove the talents in the absolute way. We post contests updates on the website and we believe that we understand the requirements of the writers to prove their talents in the absolute manner. Only the best Writing will be inspired by the judges in the competition so that it is necessary to give a clear presentation in the fantastic manner.

Each writing contest also requires the students for keeping the certain audience in the mind so that it would turn in helping the skills of the people to the maximum. The story writing contests details and the eligibility criteria is also given on the website so that it would be quite easier for enjoying more benefits. It will be a great learning experience so that the contests would greatly encourage the writers to learn new things and win the prize in the fantastic way. Venue about the writing contests or competitions is available on the website so that it would be quite easier for participating in the absolute manner.

Education Directory Makes Going Back to School a Breeze

It seems that it was only yesterday when summer was just here.  I had so much fun on those carefree days but now it is time for reality. There would have been less time for me to research on degrees and schools that would suit me but because of education directory it certainly made life a breeze. I was actually not so stressed out with moving on to college. I got myself ready as to where I could apply. I even got myself a good scholarship all because I had ample time to research on such things. I knew that life was hard for my parents and I wanted to make this one easy for them. I was the one taking care of everything. I looked up on different kinds of degrees that would suit my skills. I read on the jobs that I could get after finishing college and the likes. I was all about ready and now I was able enjoy the last summer of my senior high because I am so much ready for the next chapter in my life.

I never knew that there were a lot of scholarships for colleges and universities nearby. I was lucky that I got good grades and was able to pass their requirements. Now, I just need only a little fund to help me go thru and I think that I would be able to manage it on my own. I just learned a lot from w3education. It saved me a lot of time and energy.

Their education directory is quite good especially for those who are clueless of what they would want to take up in college. They give accurate information on the different degrees that one could obtain, you may want the fun ones like culinary or the more serious type which is law. You can read about such degrees in the website. For application, you wouldn’t have thought that you need some sufficient time for application process. You have to check always the timetable of the schools so you can prepare way ahead. They give you a good heads up as well on how to write your application to make it look neat and tidy. Apart from that, they have a good list of universities and colleges in the US so you get a good comparison between the schools that you are in favor of. I found a really good one just near our hometown so I could just go home once in a while and visit my parents.

After college, I plant to take up higher education and surely I am going to make w3education again a source for my application. There I could find scholarships for master’s degree or any other higher degree. It seems too far away but like what I have mentioned, I wanted to be prepared in advance so as to save myself from stress. I know that hard work and patience will bring me to success one day. For now, I need to do very well in school and make my parents proud.

The w3Education official website has tremendous patronage

Education is an improving field. There is a tremendous advancement in the methods of teaching today. The numbers of courses on the anvil are innumerable today. You could not imagine such courses exist. This is why students should always refer to websites such as They would get the details about the various courses on offer. These details could prove useful to the student.

The student is usually at the crossroads after finishing his elementary education in school. He would not have an idea about the nature of the courses available to him. This website is a treasure trove of information. In addition to enlightening him about the nature of the courses available, it also allows him access to the schools and the colleges offering these courses. The links on the website allow the student to approach the official website of the college directly.

The student would have the liberty to access the education directory for information about the colleges offering the courses of his choice. The advantage of this website is that it has information about all the colleges in the state offering these courses. The student can compare the curriculum as well as the fees etc before taking a decision. In case he wishes to browse for colleges outside his state, this website has provisions to do the same. In fact, the student has the choice to browse for information on any college in the entire country.

The U.S. Education system is such that the student from one state can easily study in another state without any problem. This website would prove useful to students during such occasions. A person residing in the southernmost part of the country would not necessarily know about the northern parts. He would not have heard the name of the university. Therefore, searching for the same directly from the internet would be out of the question. On the other hand, this University directory would have the details of every university in the country. The student can browse this website and gain access to the university he never knew existed moments ago.

One more advantage of this website is that you get the information right on your table. In fact, we can say, you have this information on your palms, as more people are comfortable with the mobile phones than the computers. This is the magic of the internet. Secondly, you get genuine information when you browse this website. They update the website at regular intervals.

This website is also useful to the various working professionals who are on the lookout for online schools to complete their higher education. The online school directory is an exhaustive one. It contains the details of every school offering online courses. Today, you can find colleges offering professional courses such as engineering as well through the online route. The online MBA is a craze among the young professionals today. More and more students are vying with each other to acquire higher educational qualifications to enable them to climb the corporate ladder faster. This website can prove beneficial to such students as well.

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